The pristine landscape of Bosa, divided between land and sea, offers many possibilities for a holiday in nature, ideal for those seeking the quiet of the countryside and the charm of the wild coast in an area rich in history, customs and traditions.



Gentle hills that glide to the sea, on which recline the prized vineyards of Malvasia of Planargia and a carpet of Mediterranean concealing the traces of the past.

To discover unexpected glimpses and discover ancient stories, you can visit the Malaspina Castleand the colorful houses of the medioeval dstrict of Sa Costa, the church of St. Peter and the ancient tanneries on Temo river.

If you are willing to make a few kilometers in search of hidden corners like the Neptune Caves of Alghero, the archeological sites of Nuraghe Losa, the well of Santa Cristina in Paulilatino, the archeological sites of Tharros, the church of Saccargia and the Tombs of Giants.
Also visit centers of contemporary interest such as the Baths of Fordongianus, Orgosolo and the Museum of mask in Mamoiada.



The stunning coastline stretching for 25 miles, with its white beaches, its cliffs overlooking the sea and the mysterious underwater world, make Bosa one of the most attractive and popular place for its policy of land conservation.

Beach lovers cannot miss the experience of visiting beautiful places like beaches of Cumpoltittu, S'Abba Drukke and the amazing Managu cove.

About an hour's drive from Bosa separate you from the beautiful beaches as Is Arutas and Is Arenassouth direction and Le Bombarde, Lazzaretto and Porto Ferro at Alghero, further north on the beautiful beach of La Pelosa at Stintino and the fascinating Asinara island.